With the consumption upgrade of residents in various countries and the deepening of the aging degree, the demand for pet supply stores is multiplying. The pet supplies and service industry sub-sectors mainly include pet food, daily necessities, clothing, toys, and pet service industries. We. as a professional pet supplies manufacturer in China, will share with you tips to wholesale pet supplies from China.

The market demand of pet supply stores

At present, North America is the largest market for the pet industry, accounting for 37% of the total output value of the global pet economy. Meanwhile, as the economic level of Asian countries has improved, the number of pets has increased, and the pet economy has snowballed.

At present, the economic output of pets in Asia accounts for the same proportion of the global total and European production, both at about 23%. As the leader of the pet industry, pet products have immeasurable development potential in the future.

With the development of living standards and the improvement of material life, people will continue to increase their demand for pets in the next five years. These have laid a good foundation for the vast pet economy

Cats in European and American countries are primarily free-range, and more people will treat dogs as pets. Therefore, although the store also has standard products for other animals, it mainly focuses on dog products. Among them, the consumption of small and medium-sized pet dogs is relatively high, and clothing and toys are good categories.

However, the stability of pet product sales is inversely proportional to the best-selling, and its fluctuations are mainly affected by seasonal and festive factors.

2. What is the market demand for Dog Collars? Does wholesale dog collars worth it?

Speaking of the market demand for Dog Collars, we might as well give an example. Half of the dog owners in the United States usually buy toys for their pets two to three times a year. 92% of dogs have collars. It shows that almost all dogs in the United States have collars.

Dogs are naturally playful, and without Dog Collars, they are likely to go missing or accidentally injure humans. Therefore, the market demand for wholesale dog supplies like dog collars is enormous. Wholesale dog collars will bring you very considerable benefits.

3. What is the market demand for dog clothes? Is Wholesale dog clothes worth doing?

With the increasing number of pet owners, people no longer stay at the level of giving them food and drink. People became keen to dress their pets. The pet population of various countries continues to grow, and the pet consumer market scale continues to grow. At the same time, the proportion of pet clothing in the market is also increasing.

The pet apparel industry in various countries started late and belonged to a brand-new apparel field. But judging from the current number of pets, once pet owners develop the awareness of dressing their pets, the scale of the pet apparel industry will continue to expand in the future.

On the other hand, according to the current development trend of the pet industry, it is expected that the number of pet owners will continue to increase in the future. The consumer group in the pet apparel industry will also expand. According to the current situation of the pet apparel industry, pet apparel in the future will be more specialized, differentiated, and branded.

It shows that wholesale dog clothes are worth trying. After all, this industry relies on a huge buyer’s market, and the buyer group is still expanding. In the long run, Wholesale dog clothes have a bright future and lucrative profits.

4. How to become a pet supplies wholesale distributor of Nice pet?

Do you want to be a pet supplies wholesale distributor of Nice pet? You can choose the product you want and send us the relevant requirements. Then we will give you a quotation and will send you samples after confirmation.

After the samples are correct, we will issue an invoice for you, and mass production can begin after payment. In this way, you can be a pet supply distributor. At the same time, if you want to get the latest products and quotations and product brochures, please contact us as soon as possible.

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