In the beginning of 2019, Amazon enterprise market value returns to the NO.1 in the world. That is because more and more people choose to be sellers on Amazon. And also Amazonn boost China export economy.Why? Because many of the products are imported from China!

Today we will share with you the guide of wholesale pet products from China in 2019. In this post you will get:

1. Why you should wholesale pet products?

Amazon pet product sales surged 30%-40% in 2018. They believe the pet products market will move to a high stage in 2019. Especially the pet foods, pet clothes and accessories, pet toys. According to research, there are about 89.7 million dogs live in the US in 2017, and this number will rise by 10% in the next 5 years. So the pet products are very huge and it’s easy to find a hot selling product.

2. What will be hot-selling on Amazon in 2019?

According to our previous 5 years’ sales, the basic styles are always hot-selling styles, because every pet needs them. Like dog collars, dog harnesses dog leashes. On the other hand, you need to pay attention to the holiday like Halloween.

There are hot styles every year, you can check the dog Halloween costumes or the cat lion mane wig for some idea. More hot selling products below-

shock absorbing dog harness
dog seat belt leashes
strong padded dog leashes

3. How to send the packages to FBA? Which FBA warehouse is not crowd in the peak season?

We have written some posts about how to ship to FBA. You can check Amazon FBA Shipping part 1 and part 2.

According to our experience, the SMF3 in Stockton isn’t a crowd at all, even though in peak season like Prime Day or Halloween Day. The items will show in the inventory within 1 week.

4. What is the amount of free duty import from China?

US market is different from the EU, if the declared amount is under 800USD$, there will be no duty. This can lower the cost to a certain degree. Sellers can source some products to test the market, if the products ok, then start to source big bulk.

5. What is the Amazon VAT requirement for the EU market?

Europe market requires all the Amazon sellers must have their VAT number if the product sells in the EU or stored in Amazon FBA. For more details, about EU VAT, please check The Term Of Amazon Germany VAT Registration and How To Choose EFN And PAN-European.

6. How to choose the economic but fast freight forwarder?

For the US and EU markets, we suggest sending by FedEx, because FedEx has very strong declaration ability. On the other hand, it only takes 3-4 days from China under the terms of IP. Our company has about 70%-80% off discount with FedEx, so the shipping price is very competitive.  What’s more, we will compress the items if it is too fluffy to save the volume.

7. How to customize your brand with suppliers?

Amazon prohibits sellers to sell come copy products, so if you want to sell your brand products, you’d better have your design ready, this post will help you know the process How To Develop A New Sample With Pet Products Factory? Usually, they will require a little big quantity for OEM, so sellers should think twice before the production.  Just customize the package is also a very good choice.

8. What can we do for you?

We are the professional pet products supplier for Amazon and eBay sellers. For some stock products, we can accept small quantity orders. We are experienced with Amazon FBA shipping requirement, no matter in the US or EU market.

We can prepay the customs duty for you to save the declaration time. We have a long cooperation with FedEx and other expresses and believe that you will save cost in shipping the products to FBA or your address.

Finally, we believe that business is win-win, our goal is to help sellers grow from small to big, then we can succeed. We believe you can know a lot from this post of wholesale p[et product guide.

If you want to know more hot selling products or more Amazon FBA questions, please feel free to contact us.

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