Dog clothes are the most common pet supplies, owners buy them frequently for dogs. Especially on Halloween Day, pets will wear their Halloween costumes to attend the fantastic party. Do you want to wholesale dog supplies for your pet stores?

Just because of the strong demand for dog clothes, dog collars, and other dog supplies, more and more people are planning to do this business.

So, today, in this post, we will share with you the wholesale dog supplies guide for your reference.

Why You Should Follow This Guide?

First, Nice Pet is a professional dog supplies manufacturers in China since 2005. We have about 16 years of experience in the dog supplies manufacturing industry.

This post is mainly to let you know more about the dog supplies manufacturing process. As well as how to start your wholesale dog supplies business as easily as possible.

  • The Dog Clothes Manufacturing Process

Dog clothes are very common dog supplies, and there are many categories of dog clothes. Like dog dresses, dog coats, dog sweaters, dog shirts, etc. If you want to wholesale dog clothes, the below process will help you to know the manufacturing process.

  1. Preparing the fabrics, usually, the length of 1 roll of fabric is about 100 meters to 200 meters. And the width of the fabric is about 60 inches. Therefore 1 roll fabric can make hundreds of dog clothes, that depends on the style and fabric usage of the dog clothes.
  2. Cutting the fabrics as per the dog clothes tech pack design.
  3. Sewing the fabrics as per the tech pack.

For more information, please go to Fabric Printing Types And Process In Dog Clothes.

  • Want To Wholesale Dog Supplies With Custom Logo?

Many people want to custom their logos on their dog supplies. Take the dog clothes as a sample, if you want to custom dog clothes with your own logo, check below logo styles for your reference.

  1. Heat Transfer Logo

Heat transfer logos are a kind of logos printing under high temperatures. And the logo will last a long time, the most common heat transfer logos are the wash label on the back neck. The logo colors usually are bright by heating transferring.

  1. Rubber Printing Logo

Rubber printing logos are much more three-dimensional than heat transfer logos. Usually, the rubber printing logos are more expensive.

  1. Screening Printing Logo

The screening printing logos are using the printing frames to print the logo. By this printing method, the logo color fastness will last a long time and uneasy to fade.

Of course, there are also some other printing logos methods. The above three logo printing methods are very common.

If you want to custom your own logos, we need to open a logo molding. As a result, there will be logo molding cost and sampling cost. The cost will depend on the logo design.

So, if you want to wholesale dog supplies and want to custom with your own logo, please send your logo tech pack to us. And we will quote you the specific molding cost.

What Are Your Best Suggestions To Wholesale Dog Supplies?

Through the above dog clothes manufacturing process and logo printing methods, below are our suggestions.

  1. To start up a business.

We suggest that you can wholesale dog supplies stock from us. There’s no extra sample developing and logo molding cost. You can know what people like by selling the products, and then custom dog clothes with your own logo.

  1. To market your brand

It’s best to sell the dog supplies with your own brands when your market starts to grow


How To Order The Dog Supplies?

Below is our order process:

  1. Please contact us via the ways you feel comfortable
  2. We will send you our latest catalogs and price lists.
  3. Please choose your interesting dog supplies and send us.
  4. We will make the invoice and send it to you.
  5. Make the payment.
  6. Deliver the dog supplies

What Styles Of Dog Supplies Do We have?

You can wholesale many kinds of dog supplies from us. We have dog clothes, dog collars, dog harnesses, dog leashes, and accessories.

How To Develop The Dog Supplies With My Own Design?

  1. Just have some idea.

If you just have an idea, for now, you can contact us for more suggestions.

  1. Already have a sample and want to copy the sample.

Usually, it’s best to copy the sample with the sample at hand. Because we can exactly know what are the materials and size details.

  1. Want to make production with your sample?

In this situation, please send us the sample to check the exact costing. Once our cost meets your target price and every other thing is ok, then we can start the wholesale pet supplies production process.


How To Control The Quality Of Dog Clothes?

Our factory has a quality and control system to ensure the dog supplies quality. The quality control will start from the beginning to the end of the production.


What Is The Delivery Time?

Usually, the delivery time will be 3-7 business days by FedEx express. Of course, we also provide other shipping methods like sea shipping. We are very experienced in delivery.


Do You Accept Custom Packing?

Yes, we accept custom packing. You can send us your own packing bags, hang tags, and logo labels. Contact us for more details.


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