As we all know, wearing a dog harness can control their actions and improve their obedience. According to statistics, people will lose more than 10 million pet dogs every year. The dog harness can let people know that these dogs have owners to prevent dogs from being stolen, hunted, and killed. In this post, we will share with you tips for wholesale dog harness from China.

In addition, to prevent the dog from suddenly scurrying with excitement, the collar can also prevent pets from hurting people or hurting other animals. From this point of view, the popularization of the dog harness is very necessary. Everyone who owns a dog should equip a dog harness. Nowadays, the number of people keeping pets increases.

The market demand for pet collars at home and abroad is expanding day by day. Dog harness wholesale is a new business opportunity worth investing in. At the same time, except for dog harness manufacturers, the total market demand for pet product manufacture is very considerable. We are an experienced and trustworthy dog harness company. Please choose us and get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Global Pet Market Reaserch And Analysis

1. Wholesale dog harness from China manufacturer can guarantee price advantage

China’s manufacturing industry is significant and can reduce the cost through scale effects. The factory that manufactures the dog harness can form a supporting production, thereby reducing the cost of each piece. At the same time, the purchase of raw materials is convenient, and the price is relatively low. The most crucial point is that China’s labor costs are low. The level of education is relatively high, and labor discipline is guaranteed. Chinese migrant workers generally have a high school degree. After elementary and middle school education, workers have a certain sense of labor discipline and strictly abide by labor discipline. Overall, wholesale dog harness from China manufacturers can guarantee a price advantage.

2. What types of dog harness do we have?

As a mature dog harness manufacturer, we have a variety of dog harnesses as follows:
Dog reflective harness,LED dog harness, velvet cat harness, neoprene dog harness, etc. These dog harness costumes are beautiful, comfortable, and popular.

LED Dog Harness Manufacturer Large And Small Dog LED Harness    Neoprene Dog Harness Manufacturers Wholesale No Pull Pet Harnesses  Bohemia Dog Harness Refletive Dog Harness And Leash Manufacturer

Small Dog Harness Manufacturers

Small Dog Harness Manufacturers



3. Can we get a sample before place a dog harness wholesale order?

You can get a sample before place a dog harness wholesale order. Our company can custom dog harness wholesale. You can send samples to us. If there is no sample, we can provide you with models for free. But we need customers to pay for international shipping. Please contact us to confirm the specific details.

4. What is the custom wholesale process?

You can choose the product you want. If there is no sample, you can communicate with us, and we will provide the details. Please inform us of your needs, such as how many quantities are needed and other details. Then we will give you a quotation and will send you samples after confirmation.

After the samples are correct, we will issue an invoice for you, and mass production can begin after payment. In this way, you can be a pet supply distributor. At the same time, if you want to get the latest products and quotations and product brochures, please contact us as soon as possible.

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