With the further development of society, the number of pets and people’s love for pets will continue to deepen. People’s income level is also gradually increasing, and the consumption of the pet clothing market will also have rapid growth. In the pet clothing market, we can see a booming scene.
People no longer stay at the level of feeding and drinking pets but are also keen on dressing and dressing pets. So do you want to do business in the pet supplies industry? Therefore, we shared the tips for you to wholesale the clothes for dogs from China.

There are many kinds of doggie clothes, including hooded winter clothes, waterproof leather jackets, hats, princess skirts, sweaters, cheongsams, headwear, bow ties, and so on. While China’s pet population continues to expand and the scale of the pet consumer market continues to grow, the proportion of pet apparel in the market has also continuously increased.

Nice pet is a professional pet supplies manufacturer with about 16 years of experience. Our company has the latest technology, equipment, and EU standard materials. At the same time, we also provide efficient and fast one-stop solutions for partners and enterprises. We have won a good reputation with excellent quality, stylish design, excellent service, and competitive price. The products we mainly produce include dog clothes, dog harnesses, pet accessories, pet toys, dog collars, cat collars, etc.
Our objective is “good quality for survival, good faith for development, using new technology to improve product quality.” We believe that you will be satisfied with our products, looking forward to doing business with you.
After 16 years of development, we have built our R&D department to meet the market’s demands. We set our goals to be your best business partner in China. Welcome to contact us for quotes or catalogs.

What kinds of clothes for dogs do we have?

We have face masks for the dog, custom matching dog, owner, Halloween theme costumes, Christmas theme costumes, dresses for pets, shirts for pets, sweaters for pets, wigs and accessories for pets, large dog clothes, collars for dogs, etc.
In addition, there are cat collars,LED dog collar,spiked dog collars,rhinestone dog Collar,cat clothes,Boho dog collar in our company.
We can meet your needs for pet products and meet the needs of pets of different sizes. There is also clothing for big dogs. In short, our company has all the pet supplies you want.

Matching Dog And Owner Sweaters
christmas dog clothes

How to wholesale dog clothes online?

Business Process:
Choose the style you want→Send us an inquiry→ Get a quote→ Send samples→ Sample confirmed→ Make an invoice→ Payment→ Shipment

How to custom dog clothes?

 Do you get an idea?

Please contact us to confirm more details. We are professional in the field of sales of pet clothes online.

I already have a sample and want to develop:

It‘s better for you to send the samples to us, and we can arrange to make samples for you as soon as possible.

I already have a sample, and want to make production:

Please send us the samples, and we will start to make the counter samples,and then check the cost. After confirming the samples and prices, we start to produce samples.