There is break news for the Amazon UK. Some of our customers are communicating with us about IEN. We are the pet products manufacturers, and now we want to share something about the IEN and how to deal with it.

What is the IEN?

It is the clearance flow number when making the import declaration in the UK, and the full name is Import Entry Number.

This number will show on the C88 file after the customs clearance. If sellers finish the customs clearance with their VAT, then there will be only one number.

what is IEN

This number is unique; that is, the DDP customs clearance will not provide the IEN for every seller. And Amazon is finally beginning to cooperate with the European tax bureaus to ensure compliance.

IEN usually starts with port number+7 codes+date. For example, the IEN number of the above photo is 071-066808T-28/11/2018.

How to deal with IEN?

To the sellers who don’t have the IEN, how to deal with the customs clearance problems caused by the IEN missing?

Now Amazon allows 240 days for the sellers to provide the IEN, so there is enough time to prepare.

If Amazon doubts that sellers didn’t pay the UK VAT or some other issues, they will notify the UK tax HMRC. And if the VAT does not deliver after 0 days, Amazon will stop the FBA service to the sellers. The sellers who don’t obligate will be fined 3000GBP or removed the license by Amazon.

Also, sellers should pay attention to if the shipping plan creates before 1st April, the IEN is not necessary. But if the shipping plan is after 1st April, then sellers must fill it.

How about the EORI?

Nowadays German Tax Bureau issued a critical file that the UK EORI will be invalid in German and Europe for the customs clearance. If the Brexit on 13th April is confirmed, then German will cancel UK EORI clearance, sellers can apply for the EORI after 14th April.

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