2019 has past half, the peak season is coming after a few months. So in the next few months, we will list the top-selling products every month. We are pet products manufacturers, if have any interest in selling the pet products, you can visit our website and check something you are interested in. Or you can also visit what is hot selling on Amazon.

1. Top Selling Pet Products-Shock Absorbing Dog Harness

This dog harness is very hot selling, we produced more than 6000pcs this month. We estimate that the quantity will be double in the next two months. As dog harness manufacturers, please check our production workshop:


Dog Harness Suppliers How To Produce Harneses

2. Dog Leash Harness Set

This style is hot selling this month, we produced about 4500pcs this month. It has a nice appearance, multi-size, and colors, please check more details through this link:


3. Matching Dog And Owner Apparel

Summer is coming, so all the dog dresses, dog shirts are hot selling now. Matching dog and owners apparel is a fashion now, more people want to be unique when walking on the street with their pets. Please check more styles through the below links:



4. Rope leashes

This rope leash is very strong, we usually sell this rope leash together with the dog harness. It has black, red, purple, pink colors. Since the leash diameter is 1.2cm, so its durability is very good. Please check the rope leash through this link:

5. Pet Collars And Harnesses

Some pet stores prefer to wholesale pet collars and harnesses sets because the harnesses and sets have matching colors. The appearance is much more beautiful than a solid dog collar color.

We also have many hot selling products, please contact us for catalogs.

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