What is hot selling on Amazon? Almost all the sellers want to know the hotest selling products on Amazon now.Then they will start sourcing from China factor or find a sourcing agent in China and send the production to FBA. But do you know, not all the products are suitable for FBA!

Here we listed some of the products that are not suitable for FBA.

1.Cheap Products

If the wholesale products are under 7USD$,it’s not good for FBA. Because, FBA will charge the several basic fees, this will increase the cost to many sellers. There will be no profits at all for some cheap products. If the wholesale price are under 7USD$, you’d better send the items by yourself.

2.Too Large Or Heavy Products

Amazon will often adjust the FBA charges, some sellers may find that they are charging more for the super large and heavy products.If your products are in this range, then it’s not a good idea to send them to FBA.

3.Some Complicated Products

If the products need a manual book to operate,it seems that this products are not suitable for FBA.Because Amazon will do the aftersale service, so if there are some problems with the product and Amazon doesn’t know your product. What will happen then? Of course they will return your products and post a negative review because of the bad experience.

4. Too Niche Products

Since Amazon will charge for the storing, even though the charge is not very high. But it will be a huge cost day after day. Imagine that if your products are stored in Amazon for more than 6 months.. They will charge about 10 times warehouse charge! So find something that is hot selling, even though there is competition.

5.Some Seasonal Products

Some seasonal and holiday products are also not suggested to do FBA. Because all the things you do is based on the prediction,so the sales is unpredictable. If the products is out of inventory, that will be a huge effect.But what is the product can not sell?

6.Prohibited Products

Below are part of the prohibited products that Amazon listed not for FBA.
*The products that is irrlegal to sell in US.
*Kongming Lantern
*Gift Card,Coupons,etc
*Size is beond 144″×96″×96″ or the weight is beond 150LBS.

Ok, maybe you will ask, do you have what is hot selling on Amazon? Well, the answer is “Yes”, following are some of the hot selling products for your refference.

matching dog and owner apparel
dog lion mane amazon
cat lion mane amazon
shock absorbing dog harness

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