In the peak season,it’s very common to sellers that buyers return the goods to Amazon. Usually Amazon will make refund to the buyers and provide a logistic label for the products. This will ensure the products will be returned to the right warehouse, according to Amzon policy, buyers need to return the goods within 45 days. We are the pet products suppliers for the Amazon sellers, in this article we will share with you how to deal with the returning goods.

When Amazon received the returned goods, the warehouse staff will check the goods returning reasons. Then they will decide whether the products is sellable or not.When the buyers return the goods, many sellers will think that the products are not sellable, then authorize Amazon deal with this return via several clicks. But they do not know these unconsidered click will bring them loss. Because in many cases, the returned goods is not bad at all, some of them are still sellable.

Below are some tips for you to check if the returned goods are not re-sellable. Amazon will list several situation for the returning goods:


If the product is listed as sellable, it will be added in the inventory automaticlly.If you are worried the product has some problem, you can give Amazon an orde to remove the product and check it by yourself. If you do not have question like this and the product has been delivered to Amazon FBA warehouse, then you do not need to do something.

2.Product Damaged

You need to pay attention if the buyer return the goods because of product damaged. Since there are many reasons can lead the product damaged, it maybe damaged before the delivery from FBA or damaged in transit. If the product was damaged in transit, then you can claim compensation from Amazon.

3.Customer Damaged

If the product listed as customer damaged, then it will not return to your inventory. Customer damaged product doesn’t mean they buy the product and damged by some reason, then they return the goods to you. The best solution to customer damaged products is send out the indication to remove the inventory.When you received the products from Amazon,you can check if the product is sellable.

4. Carrier Damaged

If the product is damged in trainsit, then you can claim the compensation to UPS、Fedex、USPS.

5.Deffective Product

If the products is listed as deffective,it means the product has some damages or deffectives.When this happens,the buyer will get the product will be marked as unsellable in the FBA warehouse.

Amazon require buyers to submit a return request within 30 days from received goods. When the buyers return the goods, they have 45 days to return the goods to Amazon.

Hope this post will help the sellers with returing goods problem.