FBA inventory stocking and refilling is the daily job for Amazon sellers. It seems that they are a separate and simple job. But there are many things to take care of.

As pet supplies manufacturers, many sellers will ask how many they should order. Usually, we will suggest a higher quantity than their order quantity. Because it needs a long time to refill FBA inventory. In this post, we will share the refill FBA inventory tips.

If the stock inventory is more, it can cause the inventory backlog, and this will increase the storage cost. On the other hand, if the market trends changed, then the inventory is slow-moving products. Then how to launch new hot selling products on Amazon is a very important thing.

The traditional FBA refill inventory way is to manually check and manage. Usually, it needs to calculate the FBA refill inventory lead time and the circle. This manual refill inventory needs to consider many factors, so it is complicated.

What are your stock inventory and sales?

Only know the real-time inventory and product life, then you can calculate the stock quantity and product life. And then the cost/benefit ratio is available. You can know if the profits can cover the FBA storage cost.

What is the products’ demand quantity?

After a period of operation, you can know what products are hot selling on Amazon. And when these products are selling well. As a result, you can adjust your FBA refill inventory strategy.

Remember the inventory period data.

Knowing the product inventory period, for example, the average 3 days, 7 days sales. Once the sales data is available, then you can control the inventory period. What’s important, you can deal with the slow-moving products immediately. This can avoid unnecessary storage costs.

Purchasing Cycle And Arrival Days

The inventory showing time is different, because of the purchasing period and delivery time. Only know the exact purchasing period and inventory showing time, then you can avoid the sales and keywords ranking dropdown.

FBA refill inventory formula

Purchase time + delivery time + customs clearance time + Amazon inventory processing time. According to this formula, the last shipment of inventory should maintain sales until the next one. Once you found the inventory cannot maintain the next shipment, then comes the out of the stock. Of course, we can control the keywords ranking by revising prices and reducing the CPC cost.

We can put this simply since sellers can’t control the problems of the products in the logistics chain. So they can only prepare more sufficient inventory to maintain the sales.

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