There was a famous person said, the most important factor in the pet store is location,location and location! We are the pet products manufacturers, and this post will be a pet stores decoration guide to the owners.

Pet Stores Decoration Guide

The site location is mainly the passenger flow, consumer buying power, and the rent.

If your pet store is the first-floor shop in a residential area, you need to pay attention to below points:
1. Do not choose the old residential area, because the electric line aging. The electrical appliances in the pet stores are usually with large power consumption. So the electric usually power off will harm the business.

2. Do not choose the first-floor shop where someone lives on the second floor.No matter the machine noise and dog barking will disturb others. And if the sound insulation is not very good, they will make complaints.

The pet store should have a front desk, goods storage area, customer resting area, pet bathing area, rest area, and other foster areas.

1. The customer resting area is better to set together with the front desk, it’s convenient for customer shopping guides and consulting.

2. Sound insulation should be very good in the resting area. The water blowing machine and the dog barking will make customers irritated. And you won’t hear clearly what customers saying.

3. If possible, the pet grooming area and the bathing area should divide into 2 areas(wet & dry). The water fog and wind will have great influences on pet grooming.

4. The pet grooming and the bathing area should keep isolated from the customer’s sight. If necessary, you can place a camera in these 2 areas, and it connects with the monitor in the resting area. It’s used to avoid the dog and the owner has direct sight contact.

There were many such cases, pet groomers just finished the grooming and the owner opened the leash and knock the glass. The dog was excited and jumped directly from the desk, head on the ground first and dead. Finally, the pet groomer was fired and the pet store made a huge compensation to the owner.

5. It’s best to make a hard regulation for the grooming and bathing area. The same reason as above.

6. The hydraulic grooming table is necessary to relax the waist, the health is also important.

7. The pet living area should keep warm and isolated, there used to be a law dog tear off the line and caused a fire.

8. Fostering care zone, grooming and bathing area prohibit the entry of the owner, the pet store staff should also pay attention to avoid the loss of the dog.

9. Good ventilation will bring very good consumer experience and environmental sanitation.

Above all are part of the pet stores decoration guide, you can contact us for more details.

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