There are many kinds of products in the pet supplies store, but not all of them are selling very well. In other words, not every item is a cash flow product. So the product selection is vital important for the pet supplies stores. Hotselling products can make your capital flow quickly and the inventory consumed soon.

According to our sales records,we recommand 8 best selling products as flow.

1. The shock absorbing dog harness.

Compared to the dog clothes or accessories, the dog harness and collars are necessary products for the owners. And also they are fast comsumables. This dog harness is made by the thick oxford cloth and meash material, so the pets will have a more comfortable experience on it. On the other hand, the oxford cloth is anti-static and waterproof.
Its colors and sizes are as below.

pet store supplies wholesale

pet store supplies wholesale 

2. The strong dog leashes with padded handle and reflective threads.

Matching with the dog harness products, this dog rope leash is also very necessary for the owners. It’s made of by polyester, and the diameter is 1.2cm, so it’s strong enough to control the medium even large dogs.

Its colors and sizes are as below:

pet store supplies wholesale

The length is 150cm, diameter is 1.2cm.

3. The metal bukle reflective dog collars

Sames as dog harnesses, the dog collars’s comfort is also very important. This collar has good lining, so the dogs do not want to escape. It also has the reflective cloth on the surface, so it’s more safe when owners walking dog at night. And also the metal bukle is strong enough to prevent dogs breaking away.

Its colors and sizes are as below:

pet store supplies wholesale

4. Dog Reflective Harness Leash Set Adjustable Dog Harness Leash

Some owners do not want to take too much time on putting the dog harness when walking dogs. So this harness and leash set is very suitable for them. The material is polyester, and it’s knitted with the reflective material. It’s very safe at night.
Its colors and sizes are as below:

Dog Reflective Harness Leash Set Adjustable Dog Harness Leash

5. Pet store supplies wholesale rivet studded dog collar

Dogs biting is very popular, their neck are easily to get hurt. So the rivet studded collar can protect the dog from biting. The rivets are on the leather material, this will ensure their persistance to prevent falling off. There are several sizes for different sizes of dogs from small, medium to large dogs.
Its colors and sizes are as below:

Spiked Rivet Studded Adjustable Pu Leather Dog Collars

6.Matching dog and owner apparel

Just as the saying goes, “love me, love my dog”. Each owners want people to love their dog, just as they love them. So the matchign dog and owner apparel is quite suitable for pet supplies store to wholesale. This item is an emotional communication medium for the pets and owners. We have multi styles to choose.

The colors and sizes as below.

7.The cat lion mane wigs

There are serveral big holidays in one year, but the Halloween day is absolutely the holiday for the owners and pets. People buy different kinds Halloween costumes or accessories to dress up their pets.

We recommand this cat lion mane wigs, it’s funny and selling very well in the last 2 years. The cat pet looks like a lion once they put it on. We can customize your own logo sticker on the package, so it looks quite great!

Halloween Cat Dog Lion Mane Wigs Costumes Factory Manufacturer

We have many kinds of pets Halloween costumes, you can check more styles by this link .

8.Many styles of dog clothes

We also produce the dog clothes, since we have so many styles to list here, so if you can check more styles through this link or contact us for the dog summer and winter clothes price list.

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