In the last two posts, we analyzed the community pet stores, regular pet store and franchise pet stores. Compared to the humans economy, the pet stores market is more likely our convenient store and beauty salon. Living sales and fostering takes a small proportion.

Pet Store Chains

Convenient stores, the main standard products are drinks, snacks, etc. In order to improve sales, they also develop their own fresh foods and fast foods, just like 7-11. They can improve their chin stores management by opening chain stores, to save the cost and improve efficiency.

But what about the pet stores? Pet caring and grooming is the key factor.

Since one pet groomer can serve fixed quantity pets, their work efficiency can not be improved by chaining pet stores. For example, some pet stores use the shared pet groomers, they transferred the free pet groomers to the busy store to improve the time utilizations. But the transfer can also occur the transportation and time cost. This way is effective if pet groomers are within 1-1.5km, and the pet stores are dense.

On the other hand, it’s still a problem by building the retailing supply chain. Pet store retailing include pet staple foods, snacks, pet supplies. Pet staple foods also include dry pet foods, wet pet foods. Snacks have meat supplies, vegetable foods. Pet supplies include pet clothes, pet toys, bowls, kennels. There are many categories, and it requires different production methods for every category. If put all these categories together, the supply chain will be very complicated. The most important is that the demand for every category is small, it also increases difficulties.

We are the pet supplies manufacturer, many customers contact us for the pet supplies wholesale, there are many categories in one order.

In summary, most of the pet stores brands update brands very fast. Usually, there are new brands within 1-2 years, this adds a higher requirement.

It’s not strange that some chain pet stores are not as good as mom-pup community pet stores. Because the community pet stores cash flow no need to deduct the labor cost, and they have an advantage in building customer relations. There are many different modes of operations. Some pet stores focus on the high-end market, the unit customer price is 800-900 RMB, some pet stores focus on the pet grooming, 100 square meters store can wash 6 dogs and clipping 10 dogs at the same time.

In the pet store chain industry, the integrations of the pet groomers, pet supply chain can not improve the benefits. So the aren’t real pet store chains in now. Some pet stores use the franchise opening pet stores, but it’s not involved with the store management, so it’s not real chain pet stores.

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