China’s pet industry is just beginning, there is a huge potential growing space in the future. You will get more details in this post.

China Pet Industry Analysis And Supply Chain Analysis

We have shared several posts about how to open a pet store, but how much do you know about the pet industry? Today we will share the pet industry analysis, the conclusion is that the pet industry is very potential. Hope this post can help you know more about the pet industry.

Pet industry has several components, including living pets sale, pet foods, pet medical, pet cages, pet supplies, etc. As pet products manufacturers, we have pet clothes, pet leashes, pet wigs, pet accessories, etc. If you want to wholesale pet supplies, please contact us.

Until today, the large market proportion components are still living pets sale, pet foods, pet supplies, and pet medications. Among living pets sales, dogs and cats take a large proportion market.

Pet Industry Analysis

About the pet foods and pet medical, the competition is very fierce, even the New Hope Group is working on the pet foods. There are a few listed companies in the pet industry compare with other industries, there only 3-4 companies. Their main business is pet foods or pet medical. So it’s true that the pet industry has a very bright future.

China Pet Industry Situation Analysis

Along with the increase in the pet market, people are more likely to keep a pet. China’s pet industry has been more than 20 years, and the scale is huge. The pet market is increasing rapidly in 2012-2017, according to research, the pet market scale is arriving at 147 billion RMB. The year-on-year rate is about 20.5%. In 2018, the pet consumption market is about 170.8 billion RMB, which pet dog market is 105.6 billion RMB, the pet cat market is 6.5 billion RMB.

Pet Industry Analysis

Global Pet Industry Comparison

The pet industry has been about 100 years in Europe or the United States. Now North America and West Europe are the biggest pet market. According to the market share, the above 2 markets takes up to 60% ratio, in which the United States is 37%, Europe is 23%.

Pet Industry Analysis

China Pet Types

In 2018, the pet types in China are dog, cat, aquarium, reptiles. Among them, dog keepers take the number one, the ratio is 46.1%. The second is at 30.7%, then is an aquarium, reptiles, a rodent with the ratio of 27.3%,19.4%, 17.3%.

Pet Industry Analysis

China Pet Keepers Age

Different from foreign countries, China’s pet keepers are people who are young, highly educated, female and unmarried. Young people are the main population in China, keepers under 30 take up to 55%.

About 60% of keepers have no children, pets are their spiritual support. More than 67% have a university degree and highly educated. 58% keepers are female, they have strong consumption willingness.

Pet Industry Analysis

Global Pets Feeding Ratio Comparison

Compare with other countries in global, China pet feeding ration is only 6%, while the US is 68%, AU is 57%, CA is 52%. As a result, China’s pet market has potential growth space.

Pet Industry Analysis

China Pet Foods Market Analysis

The pet foods market is increasing rapidly these years. From 2012 to 2017, the pet food scale increased from 15.7 billion RMB to 50 billion RMB. The average growth rate is 26%. Until the end of 2017, China’s pet foods market scale is 50 billion RMB, the growth rate is 46.1% over the same period last year. According to estimates, the market will increase with a big ratio within several years.

Pet Industry Analysis

Pet Medical Market Analysis

More and more pets are becoming members of the families, people are paying more attention to them. The health expenses are increasing these years. Since pet medical belongs to the downstream of the pet industry, it includes preventing diseases, pet health care, the ratio is 23%.

Pet Industry Analysis

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