In the United States, many of the technology companies are famous for their comfortable office environment. Since the people born after 2000 start to enter the workplace, so the policy “bring pets to work” is becoming popular.

According to the biggest job site Glassdoor, bringing pets to work can not only relieve stress but also can balance their work and life. It can also improve the working atmosphere.

Pet-Friendliest Companies

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Below are the top 10 pet friendliest companies in the US from pet caring company Rover.

NO. 10 Uber

This taxi software company requires the new owner to train their pets before bringing to work, they also provide dog beds in the office.

NO.9 Ceros

It is also a software company, every year they will make the calendar of Dog Ceros, and they also provide pet insurance service.

NO.8 Zogics

It’s a fitness equipment wholesale company, they even provide staff paid paternity leave.

NO.7 Petco Animal Supplies

This pet supplies retailing company allows pets coming to their office and provide supplies discounts for their staffs who adopt pets.

NO.6 Nestle Purina Pet Care

This company keeps the records of most dogs sitting still at the same time. There is a dog park in the company yard. The pet adoption staff can get a 250USD$ allowance for 1 pet.

NO.5 Airbnb

The short-term rental platform Airbnb distribute the badges to their dog, they will scan the badges every day. All the pet data will store in companies database.

No.4 Petsmart

The biggest pet supply chain store in the US, owners can not only bring them to work, but also have an area to play with their pets.

No.3 Trupanion

This is a pet insurance company, they provide a free medical examination for employee’s pets. They also have a person walking their dogs.

NO.2 Procor Technologies

This is a construction engineering software company, they have a special channel broadcasting their dog’s photos, so their workers will have a better mood.

NO.1 Amazon

In Amazon’s Headquarters Seattle, there are about 6000 dogs come to the office with their owners. Amazon even builds a dog park for the dogs. On Halloween day, they will hold an Oktoberfest event.

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