In this post, we will share some common dog collars and their advantages.

Which dog collar is better, it depends on the dogs, different dogs may act differently with the collars.

Leather dog collars from pet collar manufacturers

Leather dog collars have big covering area, and they look smooth on the dogs, so they seem to be comfortable to the dogs.

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Columnar leather dog collar

This dog collar rolls and sews leather into a column, so it has a small touch area on the dog’s neck. It won’t cause the hair adhesion.

Nylon Dog Collars from pet collar manufacturers

Since the material is nylon, the price is cheaper than the leather dog collars. But nylon collars have more lightweight than the leather collars. On the other hand, nylon dog collars have many bright colors to choose from. One more advantage is that owners can wash them easily.

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Metal Chain Dog Collars

Metal chain dog collars are usually for large dogs. But there are also some small dogs that are using this kind of collars in the competition. Because the thin chain can hide in the hair, and they look unobvious.
Since this kind of collar is very strong, so it suits for the extra-large dogs. It’s not easy to make the hair knotted. As a result, it’s very good for long hair dogs, beacause this collar will not affect their appearance.

Leather dog collars with metal buckle

This kind of dog collar is very strong, it’s suitable for large dogs. Even they rush suddenly, these collars are hard to break.

Plastic buckle dog collars

Many small dogs are using this kind of collars because the buckle color can match with the collar color. They are easy to put on the dogs and look nice.

Dog Reflective Cotton Collars Magnetic Protective Adjustable Collars

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