There are many types of pet clothes, do you what functions they have? What pet clothes are you selling for now?

We are a pet clothes manufacturer. In this post, we will share with you the complete collections of pet clothes. Therefore you will know more about the pet clothes types, or you can try to wholesale dog clothing from us.

To help you grasp the types clearly, we will first introduce the dog clothes, and the next is cat clothes.

Dog Medical Clothes

Medical clothing (postoperative service): used to prevent infection of the future site of the pet after surgery and to maintain the pet’s body temperature.

Dog Daily Clothes

Daily clothes include functional clothes and non-functional clothes. The practical clothes mainly have cool sense clothes, heat-dissipating clothes, waterproof and anti-fouling clothes, warm anti-static clothes, anti-mosquito clothes, moisturizing clothes, and physiological pants.

Pet Clothes Types

Anti-mosquito suit: It uses benzene PCR-U to prevent insects on the fabric. The service life is about 1-2 years (depending on the number of washings).

Cool Sensation: A new material that absorbs moisture to generate vibration and evaporative cooling to reduce fabric temperature. In the structure of such fabrics, the garment material will absorb the evaporation of water molecules.  And it can maintain the cooling effect for a long time. These fabrics recycle for a long time. (Preventing heat stroke indoors)

Cooling suit: the use of specially printed garments, it’s with the function of heat release and heat preservation to produce cooling. What’s essential, absorbs heat and releases heat to the outside to keep the garment comfortable.

The main component contained in it is metal ore and produces ice waves. It converts the heat energy in the garment into far infrared rays and releases it into the atmosphere, thus blocking the far-infrared rays under the sun. The garment also has an anti-charge effect and anti-bacterial deodorization effect, and the pet can again stay safe. (outdoor use)

Waterproof and anti-fouling clothing: the use of stretchable mesh materials and specially coated fabrics to ensure that dogs are not disturbed by rain when traveling in rainy weather.

Warm and anti-static: The material used in clothing is a synthetic oil extracted from plants, which can effectively prevent static electricity and protect pet skin.

Hair moisturizing suit: The use of tea tree oil + nut oil + silk protein synthetic ingredients on the clothing can effectively help the pet to keep the hair smooth.

Physiological pants: Because the bitch will bleed during the physiological period, the dogs can prevent the owner from being bullied if they wear the physiological pants to prevent the owner from being forced.

Cat Clothes

Cat costumes are mainly collars, and the rest of the costumes are mostly for decoration. The reason why cats don’t like to wear clothes is that the cat’s fur will rub against the clothing itself, but some unique breeds of cats need to wear clothes.

Other pets clothes

Other pet clothing: horse-horse cover, horse-eye mask; bird-diaper; Cole duck-duck diaper; hamster-small hat; pig-headwear, small powder skirt; squirrel-small panties, little T Shirt; guinea pig – cloak; Anglu- cap, and so on.

Through the above introduction, so we can know that dog clothes are in wide varieties. That’s because the dog takes a large quantity in the raising.

And cat collars are very welcome by people, while the cat clothes have a minimal quantity. But there are many toys and accessories for cats, like cat lion mane wigs. Halloween Day is coming; people will buy the cat wigs for their pets. So you can wholesale the items from us.

If you have any questions about pet clothes, please contact us anytime. We also welcome to send us your interested items on our website.