We suggest that all dogs can wearsuitable dog harnesses, not only for the comfort but also for their health. Someone said before that wearing dog harness will make dog rush suddenly. But in fact we can make dogs learn to walking together with considering the health. Maybe dogs do not rush suddenly in daily life, but one neck accident will hurt their health for lifetime.

We have to admit that collars are easy to control dogs, but this will also bring some more behaviors. For example, thyroid damages will make dogs fear and excitement. So this post will share why dogs need harnesses from health reasons.

There are 13 important organs in the dog’s neck, we will introduce these organs one by one.

1.No pull dog harness protect lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes

Lymph is a fluid that surrounds cells, and lymph is in the lymphatic phone to the lymph glands. The lymph nodes are important organs of the immune system. Where the lymph is filtered and sent back to the heart by the lymphatics and reabsorbed in the blood.
Damage caused by the collar: swollen lymph glands, lymphatic injury or rupture, weakened immunity, pain

2.No pull dog harness protect the thymus

The thymus is also an important organ of the immune system where T cells mature. T cells are white blood cells that play an important role in the immune system. The puppies have large thymus and atrophy after puberty (reduced size). So dogs can damage the thymus only by wearing collars during puppies and adolescence.
Damage caused by the collar: suffers from external force loss, resulting in a decrease in the number of T cells

No Pull Dog Harness

3.No pull dog harness protect arteries and veins

The blood vessels in the neck are responsible for blood transport between the head and the brain.
Damage caused by the collar: The pressure of the veins causes an increase in blood pressure in the brain and an increase in intraocular pressure. The long-term effects may be abnormal blood circulation in the brain and glaucoma.

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4.No pull dog harness protect the trachea

The trachea is a tubular structure supported by a C-shaped cartilage ring
Damage caused by the collar: the cartilage ring is flat or broken, causing the trachea to shrink, so there is a problem with the respiratory system


Located above the trachea, there is a very important valve. Food does not enter the lungs when the valve is closed.
Damage caused by the collar: difficulty swallowing, sputum, pain


The esophagus is a myotube that transports food from the mouth to the stomach.
Damages caused by the collar: difficulty swallowing, pain

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7.Hyoid bone

This small horseshoe-shaped bone is the attachment of the tongue muscles and the lower part of the mouth, which is very important for the movement and swallowing movement of the tongue.
Damage caused by the collar: may cause painful difficulty in swallowing.

8.Vertebrae and intervertebral disc

The dog’s vertebral vertebra is made up of seven vertebrae, and the intervertebral disc is made up of cartilage and collagen fibers.
Damage caused by the collar: The shear force generated by the collar tension causes abnormal movements to accelerate degradation, causing arthritis of the spine and disc herniation.

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9.Sympathetic and parasympathetic

These nerves are part of the autonomic nervous system that controls the body’s involuntary movements (heartbeat, digestion, respiratory rate…) through which the brain regulates the visceral activity.
Damage caused by the collar: Mechanical trauma causes direct damage to these nerves, or indirectly leads to swelling and stress that is prevented from the surrounding.

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10.Spinal cord

The spinal cord is a neural tube that extends from the brain and the passage through which it is formed by the vertebrae.
Damage caused by the coil: The collar tightens causing abnormal shear stress between the vertebrae, causing the spinal canal to shrink and invade the spinal cord.


The peripheral nerves are branches of the spine that extend from the vertebrae in the neural tube that govern the motor nerve balance of the brain’s muscles and the sensory nerve pathways that the skin conducts into the brain.
Damage caused by the collar: Osteoarthritis and the dislocated intervertebral disc invade the nerve, causing pain and impaired neurological function.

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In order to prop up the neck, the dog’s neck muscles must continue to resist gravity. The dog’s body is different from the human body. And the dog’s head is outside the center of gravity. Keep head balance while the body is moving to keep the line of sight and inner ear balanced.

Damage caused by the collar: bruises, sprains, pain, and neck muscle injuries affect the body movements.

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This is the body’s largest organ that secretes hormones and plays an important role in regulating metabolism, body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, brain development, cell growth, and mood.

Hazards from the collar: Mechanical trauma caused by the collar will result in hypothyroidism.

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