How To Stay Safe When Walking Your Dog At Night

The Covid19 broke out for some time, and many people have to stay at home. Now you have more time to stay together with your dog. Many people want to walk their dogs at night, but they don’t know how to keep safe at night. This post, we will share how to stay safe when walking your dog at night.

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1. Make your dog stay visible with reflective vests or harness

The reflective harness is essential when walking at night. This harness can make your dog visible and easy to control. We recommend our reflective harness to you.

Walking Your Dog At Night

Walking Your Dog At Night

2. Stick To The Paths You Know

New paths and routes are always full of fun, but please don’t try a new way at night. Because this can prevent you get lost and avoid to meet with some wild animals.

3. The LED collar is also quite a perfect choice.

The LED collar is evident at night, and we recommend our LED collars and harness to you.

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4. Please take your phone with you.

For safety reasons, when walking the dog at night, please always take your phone with you. So you can get help when there’s something emergency.

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