There were some people mentioned brand operation on Amazon in 2014,but few people have idea. Because the market is increasing, a lot of people built a mall website, making investment on SEO and advertising to get orders. But nobody want to operate a brand, while Anker already on their way to the brand operation.

This post we will introduce how to improve Amazon market share. Hope we can help to grow your business.

Care About The Products Quality

My friend has a similar product line as Anker, the quality and sales are well. But his market share is tiny compared to Anker. Actually, when your brand operation is in this situation, consistently improving the quality is difficult to change the situation. Because it is related to the marketing law: NO.1 law.

Here is an instance, who is the 1st person to land on the moon? Almost everyone knows the answer is Armstrong, but do you know who is the second person? I guess most people do not know, including me.

Because in the consumers’ minds, NO.1 has a bigger market share than the 2nd. So Anker already took the 1st place in consumers’ minds and set barriers for their quality and price of products. On the other hand, they have improved productivity and lowered their cost, it is very bad for the 2nd brand.

Ok, don’t we have no way to occupy the market share once we have a competitor like Anker?

Absolutely not!  You can not compete on their advantage, you can overcome them by the Category Law. Let’s introduce it in the next article.

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