FBA is Amazon handling and logistic system, about 80% of products on Amazon is delivered by FBA. So the FBA shippment is very important to Amazon sellers, especially for the beginners.

If you are selling some liquid or wood items, then you need to provide a special certificate to the customs, or else the items will be inspected or seized by the customs.  What do you need to care about when doing FBA?

1.Cost accounting

You need to compare the shipping cost of different modes of transport, it’s important to choose the most suitable one. To the beginners, if you want to test the market, you need to find a balance between the items quantity and shipping cost. Because, usually the more volume or weight, the shipping cost will be lower.

2.The Replenishment Cycle.

You should find the right competitor and predict the sales in the designated ranking. So you will know how much inventory you need to replenishment.

3.Replenishment time

The product ranking will influence Amazon sales, the sales will influence the replenishment time. So you can control the rankings by adjusting the prices, lower the CPC cost. Here is a replenishment formula for your reference. Sourcing time + delivery time + clearance time + Amazon FBA warehousing time. So the conclusion is that the replenishment needs to support until the next replenishment to avoid out the out of stock situation.

4. How to prevent the FBA items being seized and save the clearance time?

a. Product description, you need to do some work on how to write the product descriptions, you will get it by the HS code.
b.Product material, you need to know exactly about your product material content, because some products contain something danger, which is listed in the embargoed goods.Or
c.Product value, very low value on the invoice is not a very good idea, usually, the commercial value is about 65% of the products.
d.Product HS code, customs know about your products mainly through the HS code, so you need exactly to know which category it is in.
e.Amazon packages requirement, Amazon requires that the box’s longest side should less than 25 inches. And the weight should be less than 50LBS. Or else you need to put the “Team Lift” label. And also you need to put Amazon box labels on the carton and the origin label “Made In China”.

Pet products are very good to sell on Amazon. That’s because the pet products market is very huge, and the customs clearance is very easy to pass, If you want to know more about the hot-selling pet products on Amazon, please contact with us. Thanks.

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