The GB EORI number will be invalid among Euorope after the 13th April 2019. UK companies can apply the EORI number in other countries. As per all companies now applying the EORI ,German will upload the data to EU database after the official Brexit on 14th April.

We are pet products manufacturers, we want to share the tips about the EORI for the pet products sellers.

German EORI number

The Europe EOS system will upgrade their system during 11th April to 13th April. In that period, all external service will be out of. All the EORI application or changes need to be dealed with through German customs Dresden before 9th April or after April.

If the Brexit is postponed or canceled,the system upgrade will be canceled automatically.

Below are tips for the Amazon sellers-

1.What about the GB EORI?

Many sellers’ EORI numbers start with GB, and one EORI number can solve all the clearance problems through entire Europe. But since the EORI is universal and unique, so it doesn’t work in UK. Sellers should apply other EU countries EORI asap. German is a huge market, we suggest applying the Germany EORI, that starts with DE.

2.How to apply German EORI?

EORI need to apply to customs, so sellers can make the application online, but need to provide the local address to accept the notification.Gernerally, the German EORI application takes 1-2 weeks, but there maybe system accidents caused by the surge in demand. The application documents include: German local tax ID number, German VAT tax number, German tax agency.

3.How to ship packages to German?

Since there isn’t too much time left. we suggest sellers who choose the air tranporation chanel apply the EORI asap. As per the sellers who choose sea transportation can choose the supervision warehouse clearance asap. Or deliver the packages to Netherlands and then transported to German. Once the DE EORI is available, the packages can be delivered directly to German FBA.

4.Do you still send packages to UK?

Since there are many packages finished the clearance in UK, and then transported to other coutries. So before the Brexit, it’s best to drop this solution.

5. Do I need other coutries EORI?

If you plan to ship the packages to France, Italy, Spain, we also suggest you applying local EORI. Because theoretically the DE EORI works when clearing the packages in France,Italy,Spain. But there are always some unexpected accidents, you are required the local EORI to clear the packages from customs.

If you still have any quesiton, please feel free to contact with us.