Printings can help to make the clothes look beautiful. This post, we will share the types of printings. According to the fabric forms, the printings can divide into cloth printing, piece printing, garment printing. As dog clothes manufacturers, we will share with you about the printing types.

Fabric Printing Types Introduction

Cloth printing is that the design print on the cloth, then it starts the cutting process. Piece printing is that print on the unfinished piece of fabric. Garment printing is that print on the finished garments.

The dog clothes printing is mainly piece printing and garment printing. According to the printing materials and methods, there are slurry printing, glue printing, ink printing, heat transfer printing. There are also special tie-dyeing, batik dyeing, etc.

This post, we will share the regular fabric printing types and processes.  If you want to look for wholesale dog clothes manufacturers, please just let us know.

Screen Printing. It is orifice printing, one of the four printings. The other three printing methods are plain, embossed, gravure printing. The working principle of this printing is that the pressure can transfer the ink from the plate to the fabrics. Since screen printing has a simple device and easy operation, so the cost is cheap.

Regular Fabric Printing Types

Heat Transfering Printing. The origin of this printing is the United States. Now more and more clothes use this kind of printing. The printing method is a simple, easy operation, the printing material cheap. So the T-shirts, denim, toys, shoes, bags, and hats are using this kind of printing.

Digital Printing. Digital printing is a kind of printing using digital technology. It’s a kind of new technology product with a mechanic and computer. The color of this kind of printing is more bright and smooth. Swimwear is using this kind of printing, that’s why the color is more brilliant.