In the last post, we talked about fabric printing. There are fabric printing, piece printing, finished garment printing. As pet clothes manufacturers, today, we will share about the fabric dyeing process.

Fabric Dyeing Process

Why are there so many fabric colors? The dyeing works! If without fabric dyeing, then the world will be so dull.

What is dying? It’s the result of fabric and chemical reagent reactions. Put the fiber into the dye solution; then, the dye molecule will move forward to the thread. Then the dye in the water will become less. After a period, it will reach balance. The reduced dye solution is the up moving solution to the fiber.

Taking out the fabric at any time, no matter how to stir, the dye molecule will stay in the fiber. This phenomenon that the dye combines with the thread is dying.

Fabric Dyeing Process

The Basic Fabric Dyeing Process

According to the modern dyeing theory, the dye material can dye fiber and have color fastness is because of the gravitational between the dye molecule and fiber molecule. Since the dye material theory is different with a different yarn, there are many dyeing methods in dog clothes manufacturers. But to the process, there are 3 phases.

1. Adsorption

After the fiber into the drying cylinder, the dye material will spread from the material to the threads. Then they will have some certain colorfastness. This process is adsorption. As time goes, the dye material density increases, while the density in the water becomes less. After some time, it will reach a balance point.

2. Spread

The dye material on the fiber surface will spread to the inside of the fiber until the density is the same as the water. Because the fiber surface density is higher than the internal density, it will make the dye material spread to the fiber inner. At the same time, the dye material spread to destroy the initial balance, so the dye material in the water will absorb to the fiber surface.

3. Fixation

It’s the combination of the dye material and fiber; their combination way is different along with the other fabric.

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