t The VAT is not a new word to Amazon sellers. We shared posts about Amazon EU VAT. Check our previous posts about VAT through https://nicepetproducts.com/amazon-seller-support/.

So it seems that sellers have to pay for the VAT if selling on e-commerce selling platforms. It’s undeniable on Amazon Europe sites. Amazon sellers must have a VAT number to pay for the tax, or else they can not start their selling. Now, Amazon United Stats and Cascina also start to charge VAT. As a result, some other e-commerce platforms start to publish policies about the VAT. Today we will talk about eBay VAT.

eBay will start the sales tax in 13 states of the United States. The number will increase to 18 in Oct 2019. Sellers in these states should make preparations about paying the sales tax. In this process, sellers should take care of the qualification review to avoid the association.

Once eBay starts to charge the sales tax, sellers don’t have to pay any extra cost. eBay will calculate the sales tax for sellers. But sellers should also pay attention to the independent draw related to tax payment. Since sellers can log in with Paypal account, so it’s necessary not to use some same funds when doing tax review. If sellers handle several accounts under the same environment, then comes the eBay association.

It’s a massive problem for the accounts association. So it’s best to use different browsers to avoid the same account settings. No matter how precise that sellers set the account. But it still ensures the account independently.

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