How many times do you go to the dog clothes store? Maybe once a month or two months. You can share with us about the situation of the dog clothes store in your city. We do hope this post can help people who want to start a wholesale dog clothes business. 

What is the dog clothes market size? 

According to research, the estimated pet industry market was about $99 billion in 2020. And it grew from $97.5 billion in 2019 to $99 billion in 202. You can know more about pet industry analysis via the post on Fortunebusinessinsights.

The dog clothing market size was $5.0 billion in 2020. And the COVID-19 made people want to buy more dog clothes.

dog clothing market share for dog clothes store

What about the prospect of the dog clothes stores?

With the increase of the dog clothes market size, dog clothes quantity will also increase accordingly. So opening a dog clothes store will be the first option for many startup companies. 

north american dog clothes market share

Data source from Fortunebusinessinsights

How to start your dog clothes store?

Nice Pet is professional dog clothes manufactuer in China since 2005. And we support small and big quantities of a wholesale order. If you want to wholesale dog clothes bulk, please contact us for the price lists. 

If you want to start a dog clothes store business, we suggest doing some research locally. For example, you can go to several stores to know what customers care about when buying dog clothes. 

The most important is that you should find a location to bring the traffic to the dog clothes store. And we suggest that you can read about our related posts: 

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How to start your dog clothes brand?

To this question, many of the dog clothing wholesalers have different opinions. Some wholesalers think that you should start your brand at the beginning. At the same time, some people believe that finding potential products is the priority because people usually buy the products themselves rather than your brand. 

On the other hand, wholesale dog clothes manufacturers usually do not support custom dog clothing brands in small quantities. Because, if the order quantity is small, it means the costings will be higher compared with large quantity order. 

How to wholesale dog clothing for your store?

Well, as a professional dog clothes manufacturer, we will do most of the job. Below is the dog clothes wholesale process:

    1.Please send us to submit the contact form

We have a professional wholesale support team, so please feel free to contact us. Once we received your inquiry, we will send our latest pet supplies catalogs to you. 

     2.Choose what you want in the excel price lists. 

Take the dog clothes, and for example, there are more than 1000 styles in our price lists. So you can choose what you like and fill in your quantity numbers. 

     3.We will send you the selected items’ price lists with all the information. 

Once you have chosen your interested styles, we will add the items to one price list. It contains prices, order quantity per size, and total amount. The invoice will be as the excel file as below image:

     4. Please make the dog clothes wholesale payment.

The payment terms we support are telex transfer, Paypal, etc. Please contact us if you have any questions about this. And the payment usually will take 2-3 days to arrive if you choose tele transfer. But we will update you once the payment of the goods came. 

      5. Dog clothes packing and shipping. 

We support multi ways of dog clothes shipping. If you have your freight forwarder, we can send the packages to their address. It’s ok. 

How do the dog clothes prepare for the dog clothes sales season?

Ads many wholesale pet clothing distributors will bulk buy dog clothes in September every year. We presume that the top sales season is in October. Many wholesalers will prepare the dog costumes for Halloween day. 

So we suggest that you can wholesale dog costumes in September, and the order processing and shipping will also take about 20 days. And it will take back another ten days to display and prepare for the marketing. 

It is the same as Christmas Day, and dog clothes stores should prepare in advance. According to our experience, the dog Christmas sweaters are always the bestselling. 

How the dog clothes store put the logo on the clothes?

Adding the logo on the dog clothes will let people know your brand when they put the clothes on their dogs. But it doesn’t mean they will remember your brand. Just imagine this, how many brands do you still remember after you go around in the supermarket? Most people will only remember what they have bought today rather than what brands they have bought. 

Like a dog clothes store, if you start your business, we suggest buying our stock and selling. This will help you to know what designs or styles people like. 

And once your sales increase, then you can consider spending extra cost adding the logo. 

How the dog clothes do the sales promotion?

Promotion can increase sales, so how to promote to attract more people to buy? There are many tips to do the upgrade, but many of our customers indicate that the Halloween and Christmas promotions are the most important. 

We suggest that the dog clothes stores can wholesale pet Halloween costumes. There are dog Halloween costumes and dog Christmas costumes. Please contact us for the price lists. 

How to set market positioning for the store?

The market positioning is very important. It is related to management and marketing. Because there are many dog clothes patterns, for example, you can wholesale dog shirtsmatching dog and owner pajamas, dog Christmas sweaters, matching dog and owner shirts, etc. 

About the market positioning, there is the important thing that do you want the dog clothes store to be a supermarket or a specialty store? The supermarket store means that people can buy all kinds of dog clothes in the store, and the Specialty store means that your items cover all the niche market demand. 

Once you have set the store market positioning, you should wholesale dog clothes and do the marketing accordingly.

How to be our dog clothes distributor in your city?

If you want to set your mind to do the dog clothes wholesale business, then you can contact us to be our distributor in your city. We have distributor prices to distributors. And how many stores do you have, what is your sales for now, and your market positioning are also the considering factors. 

If you also want to wholesale dog collars or other items, welcome to fill below form. We will send you the dog collar price lists asap. 


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