Nowadays, in many countries and regions, dressing dogs has become a fashion. People like to wear different clothes at different festivals. Many owners also put clothes on their pet dogs and spend the holidays together. On various occasions, people wear other clothes. A variety of dog clothes patterns are also gaining prominence.

Some time ago, it became popular that a pet dog handed a diamond ring symbolizing eternal love to the host at the owner’s wedding. These dogs usually wear special dresses or suits just like people. Some people even tie their pet dogs and braid them.

1.Dog Clothes under Different Festivals

According to different festivals, we designed extra clothes for pet dogs.

Pet Halloween costumes are funny and cute. There are spider-shaped costumes, and there are also purple wizard hats that people like. If you can hang out on the street in adorable costumes with your pet dog on Halloween, it must be a scene of love and happiness.

Unlike pet Halloween costumes, dog Christmas sweaters look warmer and softer. Since Christmas comes every winter, the Christmas costumes we designed for pet dogs will be decorative and have the effect of keeping warm. The colors are mostly red, green, and white, echoing the Christmas tree and white snowflakes.

2.Matching Dog And Owner Outfit with Pet Dog

  Do you want to wear a loving matching dog and owner outfit with your pet dog? We have matching dog and owner shirts, which allow you and your pet to reap a high rate of return on the street. You can choose from a variety of styles and colors.

At the same time, you can also produce clothes with your LOGO through us. Due to our policy, if you need a pet clothing sample with your logo, a sample charge is required.

3.How to choose a suitable clothes size for your dog?

Different breeds of dogs have different body shapes, and the appropriate clothing sizes are also different. Some dogs are as big as humans, and some are as big as cats. We have large dog clothes as well as clothes suitable for puppies. So how do we choose the right clothes size for the dog?

First, measure the size of the dog. Our webpage is marked with a size chart. You can check the number of the measured data. The bust is the most important data in buying clothes, and then choose it according to the length of the dog and the size of the neck.

Many customers think that they buy clothes based on their body length, but this is not the case. We will divide the clothes into sizes and shorts, but the bust is the same. In this way, you can choose different kinds of dog clothes patterns for your dog.

4.How to Wholesale Dog Clothes from Nice Pet?

Do you want to be a pet supplies wholesale distributor and wholesale dog clothes? You can choose the product you want and send us your relevant requirements. Then we will give you a quotation and will send you samples after confirmation.

After the samples are correct, we will issue an invoice for you, and mass production can begin after payment. In this way, you can be a pet supply distributor. At the same time, if you want to get the latest products and quotations and product brochures, please contact us as soon as possible.

    We will contact you within 12 hours!

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