How To Develop A New Sample With Pet Prouducts Factory?

Customers want to develop their own brand. Because this will bring them steady customers and income.

If you have a nice idea, we will realize it.

You can send a sample to the factory. It is better than sell their styles with your logo.

Please remember to tell them your requirements. For example, what material you need, the printing of your logo, how many sizes and what is the size ratio. Believe me, this will save a lot of time afterward.

After all the above things confirmed, the factory will start working the sample. Not all the samples can be confirmed at the first time. So please be prepared to work on the 2nd sample or 3rd sample.

Remember to tell the pet products factory your revising comments about the sample. So the pet products factory will revise the samples according to your way.

Usually, the final version will be confirmed 3 times. Then you can place the bulk order.

In next article, we will write how to control the bulk quality with the pet products factory.

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