The pet industry market is increasing very rapidly these years, the pet supplies company Chewy IPO last week. Their stock price soared 59% in the stock market, it’s the best proof that the pet industry market is still a young boy!

As a result, more people jump into this industry, they all want to win the first pot of gold in this industry. I believe many of them first want to open a store on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc. Some people maybe want to run a pet store, we discussed much the pet store in the post The Complete Guide To Open A Profitable Pet Store and How To Open A Profitable Pet Supply Store.

As pet products manufacturers, we received customers mails who want to start up their business in this way. Some customers want to develop their brand, it’s a great idea! Because we can put our design on the item, they are unique among many of the items in the market.

Since they just start their business and want to custom pet supplies, the quantity is not quite large. Finally, it’s probable that few manufacturers want to produce the products for them. Why? Because their order quantity usually cannot meet their MOQ for material, especially for the dog clothes, dog harnesses.

Why the material MOQ is high? Take dog clothes as an example, customers’ designs usually have several colors. Generally speaking, the more colors the design has a large quantity of more material need. Because the fabric manufacturer needs to do much more work, need more dyeing material, need more time to process, need more electric and labor.

On the other hand, most fabrics are woven, they need to weave 5%-10% or more fabric than the production need. Because there is some defective rate in the process of dying, like color differences. The quantity depends on the design and material.

It’s best to start with the stock items. Why? Because you can know what items are the best selling! The best selling items mean people already accept the items. You don’t need to test the products at your own cost! If you want to find wholesale pet supplies manufacturers to custom pet supplies, please contact us. In the next post, we will share more about the fabrics.

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