Nowadays many customers want to custom their own dog clothes design, it’s great to start a business in this area. Today we will share the process of customizing dog clothes.

1.Custom Dog Clothes Process-Why we need a sample?

If customers have clothes sample at hand, that will save the development lead time. Because we can know clearly about the material. Or else, we need to send fabric samples to confirm with customers, this will increase the total communication time. So it’s best to have a sample or a reference sample.
Usually, the material is polyester, nylon, cotton, blended material. We will share the differences between these materials.

2. Custom Dog Clothes Process-Why need the size ratio?

The size ratio is also very important because the size ratio is related to the total quantity. We need to source the materials with the total quantity.

3. Why fabric printing needs a large quantity?

Because the fabric manufacturer needs to do color samples according to customer’s design. The fabric making machines will produce large quantity material once they are working. And also the machine running will also come up with some extra costs. So they need a large quantity of production to cover the costs.

Most of the styles on our website have stock, customers can order a small quantity for these stock styles. If you need more styles, please contact us for catalogs.

4. Can the stock styles mix colors and sizes?

Yes, most of the styles can mix colors and sizes, but to give a better price, we need a minimum quantity for these styles. Usually, the minimum quantity will not too many, you can contact us for your interested styles. On the other hand, customers can also save the shipping cost by ordering large quantities.

5. How long does it take to arrive?

That depends on the country you are from, usually, it will take 3-8 days to arrive in the US by air. You can also choose other economic ways to deliver.

If you want to wholesale dog clothes, please check the products-shirts and sweaters.

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