There are many styles of dog collars, many people buy a collar for their pets, but they don’t know what the type of dog collar is. What they need is to control their pets when walking outside. But the unsuitable dog collar will have many risks during the application.

Nice pet is the dog collars manufacturer in China, and today we will introduce the difference between the breakaway collar and non-breakaway collars.

Breakaway / Safety Buckles

Let’s begin with the breakaway safety buckles. The reason why they are safe and break away because they have a professional design. When there is enough tension, the collar will automatically break out. So if the stuck by the branch, fence, or another animal chins, then this function can avoid the injury and suffocation. We

Naturally, the safety dog collar is significant to pet cats like climbing and outside activities. But as you know, one coin has two sides. The disadvantage is the pet may be lost. Because the ID card will be off the collar if there’s one on the collar.

The breakaway dog collars maybe have a different appearance. It will depend on the collars’ styles. You can check the inside pins of the collar to see if they are the round shape or sharp. And you can test the collar by a sudden pull to see if they will break or not.

The Non-breakaway Collar

The non-breakaway dog collars design will make collars closed when there is tension. Usually, they are suitable for pets with leashes and harnesses; most of them are dogs. But if the pet owners often lose their pet ID cards, they prefer to buy the non-breakaway collars. Please note, if you are a cat owner, then you should make a judgment of the environment, whether the environment is safe for them. And we suggest not to apply the non-breakaway collars to the young pet or the inexperienced pets in outdoor.

Let’s make a summary; we made an illustration. It can show the advantages of each collar so that you can make the right decision for your pets according to your demand.

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No matter which collar buckle you choose, we always suggest that putting the ID card on the collars. So people can contact you when your pets get lost.