There are millions of products on Amazon,but does every item are selling well?  According to the long tail theory, 20% of the products will bring the 80% profits.The left 80% may never been searched or bought.

We are the pet products factory, we have hundreds of products, but there are only 20% products are selling well. So as an Amazon seller, you must be a very professional product manager.

What producsts will keep you survive?

No matter you agree or disagree, survival in the competitive market is the most important, rather than make big money. You must look for a products that can bring your store steady cash flow. This product is called cash cow.

What can be cash cow products? First, there is a large market demand. Second,you must have advantage than your competitors, low price, super marketing, brand authorization. The most important is this products can really solve problems, people love to pay for it. And say “I love this product!” after using it.

What products will bring your business to a new high level?

There is always hot selling products on Amazon, like Segway, fidget spinning,etc. Did you catch or miss the hot selling items?  How can we know which products will be popular and selling well?

Chances are for people who are ready. There are a lot of web tools that can precast the trends, you can see the hot searching items through Google. Facebook, Twitter,Ins,etc will also let you know what items that people talking about.

You can also know the hot selling products from your supplier.

If you do not know what will be the popular products, you can turn to your supplier, maybe your competitors has placed orders to stock.You just need to place your order to them. In this way, you will save time and money to do the products research.