With the aging population increasing in China, there are more and more aged people living alone. According to research, there will be 200million empty-nest elderly in 2030. Their emotional companionship demand will become more and more strong. And this will definitely promote the pet economy development.

We are the pet products manufacturer in China, the pet market prospect will help us for the products development. Who will be our potential customers in the future? What do they like?

The portrait of middle-aged and elderly pet owner:

1. Psychological level: The aged people pet keeping reason is an emotional consolation.

The pet economy is not very long in China, it started from the 1990s and increased rapidly at the beginning of the 21st century. Their emotional consolation demand is the main reason for pet keeping because the city urbanization is higher and the proportion of empty-nest elderly increases.

There are three kinds of elderly people who keep pets:

1. One is those elderly people like pets themselves, so they decide the pets kindly. They make the decision and buy the pets by themselves.

2. The 2nd is that their child love pets, so they buy pets and elderly people keep pets. Their child covers daily expenses.

3. The 3rd is that the elderly people buy pets for their child, they will cover the daily expenses, their child only plays with pets.

But with the Child growing up, more young people will work away from home, and the marriage rate and fertility rate is going down. Therefore the elderly people is increasing, as a result, they will take the pets as a new family.

2. How elderly people own a pet? Purchase >Adoption

The main reason for the domestic pet market increase is that pet living trading increases. The developed countries have a very mature adoption system. Take the US as an example, people can find their interesting pets in animal shelter or rescue organization.

But in China, living pet trading is still in the developing process. There is a survey shows that there are 43.9% of pet dogs are from the pet store, 27% are from giving and the adoption is only 11.8%. There are 32.6% pet cats are picked up from the street, 18% are from giving, 25.3% are from the pet store and only 19.9% are from the adoption.

China Pet Market Prospects

The reason that why the adoption rate is low is:

There is no official animal rescue organization in China, the adoption is mainly self-issue. The health of the stray animal can’t be guaranteed.

The adoption conditions are strict, they require the adopters’ ID card, home address, income proof. This will make the elderly people feel the privacy violation.

The animal in the adoption organization are suffered from hurt and need recovery. But usually, elderly people need a healthy animal with personality stability.

But the fact is that people prefer to choose the given animal or to buy more smart animals.

3. The elderly people more likely to keep dogs, they have strong interactivity and can increase the amount of the exercise.

There are about 90% of the family will take a dog or cat as pets, because they are interactive pets. As a result, to the elderly people who need emotional consolation, dogs and cats are the main choices.

According to related research, there are 168million pets in China. Among these pets, dogs take the highest rate of 46.1%, the next is at 30.7%.

China Pet Market Prospects

The elderly people usually choose the pet according to the social attributes. People who love social activity are most likely to choose dogs, otherwise, people will choose to keep cats.

Although there are no statistics about the pet’s style of elderly people, according to the observation, the dog keepers number is bigger. Besides the social activity, dogs can also increase the amount of exercise of elderly people.