In the last post, we shared China’s pet industry analysis. It shows that China pet market has a bright future. In this post, we will share the factors that influence China’s pet industry development. As pet products manufacture, we should know more clearly about the development of the pet industry.

Living Pets Trading Volume And Quality

It seems that there aren’t market trading rules in the process of living pets sales. The living pet sales don’t only need related department supervision, but also need industry people to take care of. It’s an oligation that allows the good quality of living pets to enter the market, only in this way, the consumer’s rights will have a guarantee.

New Brands In Pet Food Industry

The competition in the pet foods industry is fierce in 2018, the mature brands’ market shares are still increasing. There are also some new brands entering this area, the new brand emphasis functional pet foods. Their advertisements are more creative and welcome.

Pet Medical Market Increase

With the quantity increase of living pets, more diseases are increasing these years, because of the living pets’ quality. Since the pet medication doesn’t have a very good development, it stimulates more people coming into this area.

The Pet Industry Trends

In 2017, the population in China over 60 is 240.9 million, which takes 17.3% of the total population. The ratio is 11.4% of the population over 65 years old.
Since pets can accompany the old aged population instead of their children. China is in the aging period, the pet feeding share still has a large market.

China Pet Industry Development

The Single Population Promote The Development

Since young people in the city has a rapid space of life. The unmarried population is about 2 mills people. Since there are more basing pet keepers, these pupation has strong demand for high-quality pet products.

Capital Push China Pet Industry Development

There are new pet industries these years, for example, there are some companies provide pets funeral services. As per the pet supplies, pet clothes and accessories still take the main market. We are dog clothes manufactures, our pet clothing is hot selling from all the year-round. With the development, pet logistics, pet traveling industries are coming out.

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