We are the pet products factory from China, our customers recently told us some questions they met. Some time ago, some Amazon Japan sellers give us feedback, their hot selling products on Amazon were deleted because the lack of PSE certification.

In this post, we will share the Amazon category law, we believe you will know more about this policy.

Germany Amazon Category Law

Then some Germany sellers said, their products were off the shelf because they are lack of the WEEE certification. And other sellers receive similar emails that require the certification, or else the stock will be deleted.

It’s easy to find that, all the off-shelf products have one common characteristic, that is the products are lack of safety certification. As some electronic products need 3C certificates, the exported products also need all kinds of standard and certification system.

For instance, all the products to Europe need CE certificates. Many wireless, communication and digital products need FCC approval when entering the US market. All the wireless products to Japan need Giteki certification.

My customer, a European seller Gary said, the uncertificated products will come out the safety risks. Amazon has signed the product’s safety law with Europe, the products review will be more strict. It is necessary that implement the application of the product.

Other countries

And every country has different certification standards, so sellers should know the product category certification requirement to avoid the loss.

Though Amazon will not require sellers to submit the certificates once they publish the products, it is horrible if they stop the selling during the peak season.

My customer William shared with us that, the sellers can start knowing other countries’ certification requirements and prepare the product certificates. At the same time, sellers should keep the evidence to complain to Amazon.

I believe you have known more about the Amazon category law, or you can contact us for details.

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