Product selection is very important on Amazon. If you choose a trend product, then you may sell several thousand dollars per day. This product will be the hot selling on Amazon. If the product is out of fashion or useless, maybe you will not sell 1 PC. So taking more time in the product research is very very important to the beginners. We are the pet products factory, our customers (Amazon sellers) will often ask us, “What is your best selling products?” Before our answer to this question, we will send them following suggestions.

1. Can the production be finished quickly?
Usually,the hot selling items do not have stable stock, because a lot of customers are sourcing from the supplier. The stock is changing every time, so if the production time need half a month. And it takes about 20 days from the delivery date to the date of the inventory show on Amazon. Even though it is hot selling on Amazon, it takes too much time to catch the hot selling season. It’s best to select the stock products, or you make product development 1 months before the peak season comes.

2. Do you have price advantages on Amazon?
To Amazon beginners, the best challenge is that the factory need high quantity MOQ for lower price.But you do not want to invest too much for the test product. So you need to low MOQ product. Our customers can order our products with small quantity order, we know small business will grow big.

3.What is the weight of the product?
The products shouldn’t be over weight, because the international shipping cost is very expensive, Amazon also has weight limit about the weight and size of the package. So over large and over weight products will not be suitable for the beginners.

4. Can the factory do OEM for the products?
The beginners should take longterm considerations for the product. It is necessary to register product brand before the product is hot selling to prohibit competition.

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