The peak season is coming, many sellers are placing orders to supply the inventory, especially this hot selling dog harness . Not all of the products will be hot selling in the peak season,that is some of the products will be overstock. Here comes the question, how to deal with the overstock inventory on Amazon?

The overstock inventory has below 2 conditions:

1.At least one of the product in inventory is over the 90-day storage period.
2.And the supplying time is over 90-day, Amazon estimate this according to your previous sales.

But is we leave it alone, then the storage cost is higher than doing something on them, because the warehousing cost is very high.

The estimated total warehousing cost is that sellers take no action to help the sales or remove the inventory.

When clicking the “overstock inventory”,there is a “manging the overstock page”.Amazon will give suggestions for every product,suggested operations depend on the sellers’ sales and the the specific economic calculations. The suggested operations including as followings:

1.Edit product information for Amazon overstock inventory

When the products has quality issues, it will show this suggestions.It will turn to the product editting page when clicking. Then you need to repair the product problem
according to the remindings. If the products without reminds, sellers can also optimize the the listing, checking if the title and photos are enough to attract people.

2.Improving keywords

The selling products may have low volume,it’s because buyers can not find your products by the keywords. Improving the keywords can optimize the displaying way in the searching
results.It’s the search terms content optimization. Sellers can add some more accurate keywords by researching the third party or competitors keywords.

3.Carry out promotional activities for Amazon overstock inventory

Amazon will suggest one promotion price and time,sellers can also adjust it according to the actual situation.

4.Advertising Promotion

This will sart the products advertising process, and this is a effective way to bring traffic to the sellers.

5.Creating a removal order

If sellers do not want to sell this products, they can choose to dispose of goods. Changing the label can also create a removal order and move the product to overseas warehouse and deliver to FBA warehouse.

If one product inventory is over 90 days, and estimated contimous sales for more than 90 day, it shows that the sales is very bad or your inventory is really too many. So sellers should think about this situation.

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