How to layout the high conversion rate kewwords on Amazon?

A lot of sellers want hot selling items on Amazon, but many of them do not kow how to do find the profitable kewwords.

1.Sellers should think in the consumers shoes. If you were the consumer, when you decide to buy a product, what kewwords will you use? Think as many kewwords as you can, then you will get the highest conversion keywords.

2.Check how your competitors does. In a competitive market, competitors are your best teachers. To Amazon sellers, you should learn your competitors listings. Why they use the keywords and description. You will get closer to your consumers.

3.Make reference by the data. For example, in the business report, the high PV,Click,Conversion worth your high attention. Make some analysis about these kewwords with your products and apply them to your own listings.

4.Use the data searching tool out of Amazon. Longtail kewwords are huge, so you need to analyze the trends with the data and get the potential kewwords. Then your store PV will increase.

The most important is if you have a idea, just do it!