There are several big promotion festival on Amazon, like Prime Day, Black Friday,Halloween Day, Christmas, New Year. Are you ready for the promoton days. How about your Amazon long tail keywords?

We are the pet products factory, our customers are sourcing the pet products 2-3 months before the festivals coming. Amazon will make a promotion before these festivals. Now the Halloween is coming, how about your inventory selling?

People will wear all kinds of costumes on Halloween Day, usually, these costumes are Ghost, Zombies, etc. They also do not forget their pets and Children. People will buy their products pet Halloween costumes, like Batman, Superman, Nurse, etc. Our best selling products are the cat lion mane wigs, you can turn your cat into a lion by putting the wig on them, it is very funny and creative.

If you are not ready for Halloween Day, it’s ok, you can do some preparations for it next time. Since Halloween Day is on 31st Oct, usually Amazon needs 2 weeks to process the inventory, that it takes 2 weeks before you see the inventory on Amazon.

You also need to set some time for the suppliers to produce the items, this usually will be 7-days according to the order quantity. That depends on the products, if it is a new style or reorder style. If it is a developing style, you need to set enough time for the product developing.

If you have a question about the production timeline for the festivals, you can contact us.

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