How To Choose EFN And PAN-European?

Today we will share 2 kinds of Amazon FBA inventory: EFN and Pan-European. Choosing the suitable FBA plan can make the operation easy. And also it can test the product markets and enlarge your business.

  1. What is EFN(European Fulfillment Network)?

By EFN, you need to store the inventory in one any European country. Once your publish your listing or sell the item, Amazon will deliver the order.

How to process the EFN?

a) Use the same UPC(ASIN barcode) and SKU to publish the products to every Amazon site. It is just like submitting a new item. After this, it will save much time afterwords.

Advice: When a new store publishing the items, if it’s sure to use FBA, it can share the FBA inventory with the same way.

b) Open the listing editing page, set prices for the items on each Amazon site on the menu of manage offers in other marketplaces. Then the products will be translated to other sites with same SKU and UPC.

Note:  Not every item can be copied to other sites, you need to check the specify category in the listing. Generally, if 2 sites has the same items, then other small sites will have the price. Please activate the automatic sharing inventory.

  1. What is Pan-European?

When sellers send the packages to FBA  in one European country, they will distribute these inventory to other FBA in other EU countries to meet the cosumers need. Your item will compete with other sellers on all Amazon five sites. No matter where the items sent out, sellers only need to pay the local cost, rather than the European cross border cost by EFN.

Activate Amazon EU logistics, it means you authorize Amazon distribute Amazon to distribute and store your inventory in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Czech.

How to share the inventory: set listings on 5 EU sites, use same UPC,ASIN and SKU with the main sites.

  1. Difference of Pan-Eu and EFN
difference of EFN and pan
  1. Cost of EFN vs Pan-Eu
cost of FBA EFN and pan

EFN: Amazon charge the same FBA cost with the order generation market, plus the European Fulfillment Network cost from the main market FBA. That is the cost of FBA and EFN( Now EFN cost already include in the FBA shipping cost, no other extra cost).

Eg, you are a UK seller and storing the inventory in UK. Your items are selling on and use the EU network to deliver, then you will be charged the FBA cost from UK to DE(+EFN cost).

Pan-Eu: To all the consumers orders delivery in EU, they will charge the local city delivery cost, no matter where your orders will be delivered.

  1. How to choose EFN and Pan-Eu?


If you are a new seller, we suggest you can start your selling in the main market via FBA. Once you have the orders, the items will be delivered automatically by EU network. When there is a hot selling item, you can use the Pan-Eu to shorten the delivery time and cost. This can improve the competition of your item.


If you are an experienced seller and want to sell products in all 5 countries with FBA, then Pan-Eu is the best choice.