There are a lot of discussion about CPC on internet, it’s part of the system operation. We have to admit that the CPC can help your products stand out from the hot selling on Amazon. So we have to build perfect products pages. Certainly, the good control of the trafic and conversion is also very important.

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Actually, CPC is not that unpredictable, you will know more about it through this post.

1. The functions of CPC

At the beginning of the new item listing, CPC can crawl, index and match huge keywords. And can get huge trafic and higher kewwords ranking.
In the steady sales period, CPC can bring huge trafic and ensure the sales improvement. So the ranking will be steady for a period, this can bring more brands exposure and improve sales.

2.CPC structure and matching way

Know the kewwords range of Exat Match,Phrase Match, Broad Match.
Understand the pros and cons of auto bidding or manual bidding. For the auto bidding, Amazon will act as the page optimization and consumer demand, this will match huge search result and bring huge related trafic. The disandvantage is huge exposure will bring too much invalid clicks. Auto bidding can’t control the price and position exactly.

Manual bidding can advertise the ads more accurate for the kewwords. Especially the price adjustment can control the ads position.

3.Product Kewwords Research

You should build the keywords database, including the key drain words, key conversion words and assist long tail words. These kewwords can be searched through the competitors product page and third party software. Remember to adjust the ads according to the effect.

4.Maximize optimize the products before the ads

Sellers should know that the CTR are related with the product main photo, titles, reviews and price. If the products already has exposure, in order to improve the CTR, sellers should do following points. If there are huge clicks bad conversion rate, hot kewords,the product detailed page is not competitive, then you need continuous optimization. This can improve the conversion rate.

5.Build Clear Level And Structure

In order to avoid the multi sku internal ads groud competition in campaign,and can not know the competitiveness of one sk.So it’s best to put one sku in one campaign.

If the variants of one product are serving multi ads, then it could build one ads group under one of the variants. As a result, it will be much more clear when we analyse the performance of each sku.

6.Keywords Report Analysis

Tracking the keywords ranking and orders performance, adjust the kewwords price and structure.
Keywords report should focus on the exposure, clicks, orders. Price adjustment should base on the CTR and Acos, then the keywords Phrase Group match or exact match.
High exposure, low clicks need to optimize the page and check if the kewwords is Exact Match.
High clicks,lowe transaction need to improve the page quality,adjust the price or bid price.
High bid price,no ads display, the keywords relativity is low, or the page match or keywors layout is not very well.

7.Continuous ads structure optimization

Choose the good performance keywords from previous auto or manual keywords into group match or exact match, or downgrade the bad performance keywords.

8.Continuous optimize the keywords structure

Learn to do the substraction, promote the valid trafic through the irrelevant keywords or ACOS analysis in the report.
Continuous to do the addition, expand the trafic pool through the goods performance keywords in the analysis of report.This can increase the keywords coverage, accumulate more trafic and creat more valule.

Horizontal expansion, if you sell the accessories for one product, some relevant product can do horizontal expansion. In this way, we will get high output with low bidding price.
Vertical expansion, you need to unearth the opportunity in the category. For example the power bank, through the report analysis, the Mini Power Bank has very high CTR and highly correlated. Then you can add this keywords in the keywords database. You will find many kewwords you can not imagine.

Trough 8 ways above, you also need to adjust the ads according to the product category, listing time and budget.