In the last article, we talked about that you can not compete with your competitors on their advantage products that are hot selling on Amazon. They have lower price, better quality and very good brand awareness in their consumers. Even though their brands are well known, we can also improve our market share by the category law. We are the pet products factory, we have applied the category law in our own business and made success.

You have to admit that consumers has thousands of demands. Usually one product can meet one or several demands, then what about the left unsatisfied demands ? If your products can meet the undiscovered demands, you will win market share!

First, you need to list as many demands as you can about this products.  Second, find out as many brands as you can that meet those demands. Third, make explanations why YOUR products can meet the undiscovered demands.

For instance, the information asymmetry theory exists in the second-hand car market. People want to buy a real good second hand car, but they do not want to deal with the Middle Man. This is the consumers demand, you can tell your consumers in YOUR shop people can negotiate directly with the owner, there is no middle man.

Category law is creating a new product to take the 1st place in the market. It’s based on the consumers’ undiscovered demands rather than our product line. You must provide a product that meets consumer perception.

The category law can also help you in products selection, always keep in mind selling products that consumers need rather than you do not have!