Nowadays, our Amazon sellers customers told us that they received Amazon’s email about Brexit. This will influence the inventory in Pan-Eroupe,especially the hot selling items on Amazon. In this post,we will help sellers to grasp the main point of this email.  Consequently,more Amazon sellers can do the FBA plan in advance.

What Will Happen To Amazon Sellers After Brexit

First, the UK will leave Europe on 29th March 2019.

No matter if there is a protocol for the Brexit, the FBA service in the UK will be as usual. That is, whatever the outcome, the inventory to UK FBA will have no effect on UK sales.

Second, what outcomes will the Brexit will bring to us?

1. The UK will cut off the trade protocol with the left Europe countries temporarily.

As a result, Amazon can’t allocate the inventory in UK FBA to other Europe countries. And your products won’t be able to sell via Pan-EU. This will influence sales in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, and there will be out of inventory situations.

2. Therefore, Amazon suggests sellers can send inventory to one country among the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

That will ensure your Pan-Eu selling plan will be as usual. That means you need to send inventory to the UK separately, then you can choose one country from Germany, France, Italy, and Spain to implement the Pan-EU plan.

At the same time,  other countries in Europe also can’t allocate inventories to the UK. So from the tax perspective, sellers should register the VAT where you send the inventory to. This is very

3. Amazon suggests that, in this special period, the inventory to the UK or other Europe countries should be available for 4 weeks, not too many or less.

We also noticed that the UK government also says the above situation has a slight possibility because they used the word “temporary“. Even if the Brexit comes without protocol, they will find a way for the sellers to implement the Pan-EU plan.