Advertising On Amazon

We are the pet products factory for Amazon sellers. If you just started your business on Amazon and have enough budget, this article will help you.

There are limited advertising placement on Amazon, so all the sellers want to take the place and advertise their products. This is necessary to attract consumers. Do you know the AD placement on Amazon? We will make introduction in this article.

1.Top ADS
Top ads is on the top of the Amazon. In Aug 2017, Amazon allow third party who registered their brands to publish their ads. Top ads placement is a golden one. It will bring large PV and high conversion rate.

2.Right ADS placment.
Many sellers like the right ads placement is a nice choice,enven though it is not good as top ads. But Amazon canceled this placement,because Amazon wanted to have better shopping experience. So we lost this placement.

CPC ads is connected with kewwords,your prudcts come out when cosumers search related kewwords.

4.Amazon alliance advertising.
Just like Google, it’s said that Amazon sellers can publish the ads on their alliances website to draw more cosumers. But now, they do not announce this officially.

The ads placement is limited on Amazon, but they can bring huge consumers for us. In order to apply the ads to get the best ROI, we need to know some skills. We will talk this in next article.