No matter in which Amazon peak seasons,there will be Amazon sellers accounts blocked. We are the pet products factory, some customers tell us their account blocked this year. Account infringement or listing violations, sellers can respond to these problems immediately to stop the loss. But they can do nothing about Amazon account correlations, especially in the peak season.

If you do not want your account correlated, please don’t do following operations.

It’s important to confirm the stock in the peak seasons, especially the sellers who has multi accounts. So make sure every account has enough stock, and take measures for the emergency situations. Inventory will influence your store ranking, scheduled shipping can avoid account correlations. Please do not have the replenishment operation thought, it’s very high risky.

The best way to improve the sales in peak season is optimizing your listings, keywords, advertisements. It doesn’t matter that the sales amount is low in the peak season, you need to learn how to improve it legally.

The customer services can also influence the peak season sales. Sellers should act immediately to the customers’ services.If you reply all the customer service question with the same template, then Amazon will block your account.

We will share more about the account correlations in the following articles.