There are many styles in pet clothes manufacturers, every month we will release many new styles of pet clothing. Most of them are according to the season at the time. Today we will share the 7 styles of pet clothes you should know about pet clothes.

Functional Clothing

The functional pet clothing usually has special functions, for example, some pet clothes have functions of cold protection, rainproof, etc. Usually, these kinds of clothes are made of by waterproof material and polyester. Because polyester has the function of quick-dry, our dog winter jackets use the quick-dry polyester fabrics.

Plush Toy Costumes

These kinds of pet clothes are similar to plush toys, they just look like plush toys when the clothes are on pets. The fabrics are usually coral fleece. Usually, people use this kind of toy costume on a Halloween day. Please check small dog Halloween costumes.

Puppy Dog Clothes

The design of puppy dog clothes usually have a baby design, they are overall cute. Many of the materials are cotton and coral fleece. Please check the puppy dog shirts and sweaters.

Dog Costumes Clothes

Many of these costumes are for Halloween, people want to dress their pets with different styles. Except for the dog Halloween costumes, we also have pet Halloween accessories, like the cat lion mane wigs. This is hot selling on Amazon.

Matching Dog And Owner Shirts

Matching dog and owner shirts are becoming a new fashion these years, these kinds of clothes can help to improve the relations between pets and owners. We have a series of matching dog and owner apparel, if you have any interest, please contact us for the prices list.

Fast Fashion Clothes

You can’t know what will be the next fashion. So the fast-fashion styles of clothes usually add some popular elements into the pet clothing designs. The dog dress clothes are the most obvious to these styles.

Custom Dog Clothes

To some customers, they want to build their pet supplies brand. So custom dog clothes is a new demand. Customers can choose the material and special printing design on dog clothes.

To know more about the 7 styles pet clothes styles, please contact us, we will share more pet clothing designs with you.

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