There are only 3 days left in June, which means half of 2019 will finish after 3 days. Did you start your own business? We analyzed that the pet industry is a very potential market, you can start your pet store by joining a franchise pet store.

Don’t know how to open a pet store, you can check The Complete Guide To Open A Profitable Pet Store, How To Open A Profitable Pet Supply Store. We are the pet supplies manufacturers, many local customers coming to our factory to choose pet supplies. So we want to share the 10 pet supplies you should wholesale to start a business.

Pet collars And Harness

Pet collars and harnesses are always hot-selling items all year round. Many Amazon and eBay sellers want to contact dog collars manufacturers to wholesale small quantity or custom their own brands. We have many collars and harnesses that can custom logos on the products.

Small Dog Harness Vest Bohemia Harness And Leash Set Manufacturer

Pet Clothes

Pet clothes have many designs and styles, they are different in every season. So it’s a wise idea to wholesale pet clothes. People want to dress their pets beautifully, they want to be unique when walking together with their pets.

New Pet Dog Dress Cotton Skirt Wholesale Dog Dress Manufacturers

Matching Dog And Owner Apparels

Pets mean a lot to us, many families take them as family members. Especially at festivals, they will wear matching dog and owner apparel.

Matching T Shirt For Dog And Owner Funny Pet And Human Apparel

Pet Halloween Costumes

In the pet industry, Halloween Day is absolutely a peak promotion festival. People usually will prepare many fanny costumes for them and their pets. So it’s necessary to wholesale dog Halloween costumes 2-3 months before the festival.

Pet Dog Funny Halloween Costumes Dog Playing Guitar Costumes

Pet Wigs Accessories

Cosplay is a popular worldwide, people want to be another person by cosplay. So they will also want to buy dog wigs and put wigs on pets, just like the cat lion mane wig. People who first see their pets will burst into laughs.

Halloween Cat Dog Lion Mane Wigs Costumes Factory Manufacturer

Pet Grooming Glove

Pet washing is always not easy for people, especially the combing their hair. And their hair loss is everywhere. This pet grooming glove can comb their hair and also can collect the loss of hair.

Pet Grooming Hair Remover Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove

Washable Dog Diapers

Pets also have a physiological period, so it’s necessary to wholesale the dog diapers.

Washable Dog Diapers Both Female Dog Diapers Male Dog Diapers

Adjustable Dog Muzzle

It’s the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their pets won’t hurt others. So this dog muzzle is necessary when walking on the street, accept therapy in the pet hospitals.

Adjustable Dog Muzzle Anti Bite Mouth Guard Covers

Dog Seat Belt

More people want to drive their pets for traveling, so the dog seat belt can keep them safe while driving. It’s becoming more and more popular these days.

Dog Seat Belt Leash Safety Seat Belt 6 Colors Available

Dog Rope Leash

Leashes are very necessary for walking pets in a new place, owners can control pets easily. This rope leash is very strong and hot selling on Amazon.

Wholesale Dog Leashes Strong Dog Leash With Padded Handle and Reflective Threads

Of course, except these 10 pet supplies, there are many other pet supplies, please contact us for catalogs. Or follow us on Facebook: